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STPOWER SiC MOSFETs STSiC 1700V for industrial and energy storage applications

1700v sic mosfets

The right solution for more efficient and simplified high-power density designs

Based on the advanced, innovative properties of wide bandgap materials, silicon-carbide power MOSFETs offer unsurpassed on-resistance per unit area and very good switching performance almost independent of temperature.

The outstanding thermal properties of the SiC material, combined with the device's housing in the proprietary HiP247 package, allows designers to use an industry standard outline with significantly improved thermal capability.

These features render the device perfectly suitable for high-efficiency and high-power density applications.

Key features

7 year longevity
  • High speed switching performance
  • Very fast and robust intrinsic body diode
  • Low capacitances
  • Very high operating junction temperature capability (TJ = 200 °C)

Application examples

ups UPS, Solar inverters
Down hole drilling Down hole drilling
motor control Motor control
wind turbine Wind turbine
smps switch mode power supply SMPS (Switch-Mode Power Supplies)

How to test & prototype with SCT20N170 and SCT1000N170

Choose a development kit to start testing the capabilities and features of SCT20N170 and SCT1000N170:

15 kW three phase Vienna rectifier


This reference design offers a complete solution for a 15 kW, three-phase Vienna rectifier with low-cost mixed-signal control for power factor correction.


The STPOWER MOSFET finder mobile app is a user-friendly alternative to searching through the online product portfolio, driving the user along a smooth and simple navigation experience using portable devices. The parametric search engine allows the user to rapidly identify the right product that best fits its application. This app is available on Google Play, App Store and Wandoujia.

mosfet finder mobile application

Silicon Carbide - Energy handling for a sustainable future

STPOWER SiC can be applied to all types of energy handling

Electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem

The availability of higher-performance, more cost-effective battery technologies leading to an improved driving range as well as heightened ecological awareness including government incentives and regulations are driving the rapidly increasing trend of vehicle electrification. Latest forecast shows sales of electric vehicles increasing from a record 1.1 million worldwide in 2017 to 11 million in 2025 (source

electric vehicles ecosystem

Want to learn more about Silicon Carbide and Industrial Applications?

silicon carbide webinar

Watch the on-demand webinar

Webinar objectives
  • Equip developers with tools that expand the scope of SiC devices to industrial applications
  • Help designers overcome technical challenges and offer solutions to optimize their products
  • Provide concrete data that will help decision-makers understand the benefits of SiC power devices
  • Offer inside information and expertise to sharpen decision-making processes and guarantee an optimal outcome
  • Showcase ST’s second generation of SiC power devices and their wide range of voltages and essential optimizations