T-series high-temperature Triacs

T-series high-temperature Triacs for improved performance in high EMI environments

T-series high-temperature Triacs

Designed for thermal-intensive applications with high EMI constraints, our T-series high-temperature Triacs provide a cost-effective solution with improved EMC immunity and commutation for a wider range of loads.

Based on ST Snubberless technology, T-series Triacs offer higher specified turn-off commutation and noise immunity levels up to 150 °C without the need for an RC snubber.

Designed for on/off or phase-angle control in general-purpose AC switching applications with loads up to 3.5 kW, our new T2535T-8 series is available in three different ECOPACK2-compliant packages, ensuring the best fit for your design:

  • T2535T-8T: TO-220AB package safely optimizes the control of motor and heater loads for the most constraining home appliances environments.
  • T2535T-8I: TO-220AB insulated package provides a UL-recognized component isolation rated at 2500 VRMS.
  • T2535T-8G: SMD D2PAK package is suitable for automatic assembly lines.

Key features

  • Robust performance even in high EMI environments
  • dV/dt = 1000 V/μs @ VD = 402 V @ TJ = 150°C
  • High noise immunity: 6kV
  • Controls a wide range of AC loads up to 36 ARMS
  • Improved trade-off of surge current (ITSM) versus immunity and commutation capability
  • Robust dynamic turn-off commutation (dI/dt)c =18 A/ms @ TJ = 150°C
  • Extended surge voltage up to 900 V
  • UL recognized, UL1557, ref file E81734

800V T-Series portfolio

800v triac portfolio

Application examples

home automation Home automation
washing machine heater Washing machine heater
ebidet heater eBidet heater
oven Oven
room heater Room heater
water heater Water heater
motor starters Motor starters
ac motor control AC motor control
pump, fan Pump, Fan
power tools drive Power tools drive

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