How to add a smartphone-like GUI at lower cost to your application - On-demand webinar

Extending the high-end TouchGFX graphical framework to entry-level STM32 MCUs. Cost-effective GUI solutions for embedded devices.

Recorded on November 18th 2020

Are you considering upgrading your application with a smartphone-like GUI? 

This 1-hour on-demand webinar explains how to implement a cost-effective solution on an entry-level STM32 microcontroller for a limited BOM cost.

With the latest release of our advanced, free-of-charge, TouchGFX graphical framework (X-CUBE-TOUCHGFX), you will discover its new features and learn how you can easily create a modern GUI running on entry-level STM32 microcontrollers.

There is a practical demonstration using an entry-level STM32G0 MCU to drive a QVGA TFT display using our newly released STM32 Nucleo display expansion board (X-NUCLEO-GFX01M).


  • Overview of the features of our latest release (4.15) of the TouchGFX graphical framework (X-CUBE-TOUCHGFX)
  • Considerations for several use case examples using entry-level STM32 MCUs to create modern-looking GUIs
  • Practical hands-on demonstration with an STM32G0 MCU to drive a QVGA TFT display using our STM32 Nucleo display expansion board


Soren Myllerup MIKKELSEN

An STM32 graphics marketing engineer, Soren was part of the TouchGFX acquisition and has extensive experience with embedded GUIs.

Roman Ludin

An FAE team manager, Roman has played several key roles since joining ST in 2003. Specialized in ST microcontrollers and now microprocessors, Roman is involved in driving graphical solutions across Europe.

Nicolas Santini

A member of our STM32 support team, Nicolas joined ST in 2012 as a software engineer on Imaging applications for Android devices. Today, Nicolas dedicates his time to graphic-related topics from display connections to software graphical libraries on STM32-based systems.

Mike Hartmann

Mike is a Product Marketing Engineer and is part of the Americas microcontroller and microprocessor product marketing team. Mike has been with ST since 2001 and previously held various marketing and engineering roles in ST's Digital Product Group and Consumer Business Unit.