Using advanced condition monitoring solutions to improve efficiency and identify failure points

Today condition based monitoring and predictive maintenance are major fields of investments across industries, from manufacturing to energy to transportation and well beyond.


They are gaining pace and attracting attention in many areas, including infrastructural monitoring, where the major KPIs are related to safety more than energy or cost savings.


In the fields of manufacturing and energy, the pursuit of higher efficiency is particularly pervasive. It not only drives commerce at a local level, but it is also fundamental to meeting targets set by governments to reduce the environmental impact modern life is having, globally.


With efficiency intrinsically linked with maintenance in today’s age of automation, this white paper explains how you can meet challenges due to unplanned downtime, sudden failures and aging infrastructure which can bring innovation to a halt

This white paper covers the following topics:

  • How technology is enabling condition monitoring
  • Designing for condition monitoring at the system level
  • Smart sensor node and gateway: at the core of the system design
  • Sensor data management
  • Data security
  • The benefit of processing data at the edge to gain insight
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