The USB Type-C connector and the new Power Delivery standard make interoperability among different devices a reality. USB technology has evolved from a data interface, capable of supplying limited power, to become a primary provider of power – up to 100 W – with a significantly enhanced data interface delivering data rates up to 10 Gbit/s and enabling users to seamlessly switch between data protocols (DisplayPort Video, HDMI, and Ethernet).

ST is member of the USB-IF Board of Directors and an active participant in the USB Implementers Forum.

Our expanding portfolio of USB Type-C and power delivery solutions includes:

USB Type-C interfaces and controllers

Manufactured using ST’s 20V process technology, the STUSB1600 interface IC integrates short-circuit, over-voltage, and over-current protections, plug power support (VCONN) with up to 600 mA programmable current capability eliminating the need for external circuitry. Additionally, it integrates BMC physical layer coding and decoding logic in compliance with USB Type-C™ specifications.

STM32 microcontrollers

In our large and expanding portfolio of ARM-based 32-bit microcontrollers, the STM32F072 with its crystal-less USB peripheral, represents an excellent fit for implementing, for example, a two-port solution with Dual Role Capability (provider, consumer, DRP) when used together with the X-CUBE-USB-PD, our certified middleware stack compliant with USB-C 1.2 and USB PD 2.0 specifications. For simpler one port implementations you may choose STM32F051 32-pins entry level microcontroller.

Power management

Designed for up to 45 W single-stage AC-DC solutions, the STCH02, a quasi-resonant PWM controller, helps achieve ultra-low standby power thanks to its built-in high-voltage start-up circuitry with zero power consumption and a primary-side constant-current control that also ensures excellent overall dynamic performance. Moreover, ST offers a wide portfolio of high voltage Super Junction power MOSFETs and low voltage Trench power MOSFETs for a complete efficient power design up to the 100 W USB type-C and PD capability.

Protection and filtering devices

ST offers a complete range of solutions to protect and filter USB Type-C and PD power and data lines that includes miniature ESD protection, integrated ESD and EOS protection, ESD common-mode filters (ECMF™) and low voltage STripFET™ power MOSFETs.

Evaluation and development tools

Created to explore and develop USB Type-C and Power Delivery solutions, the P-NUCLEO-USB001 Nucleo Pack puts together in a convenient hardware bundle a Nucleo board, based on the STM32F072 crystal-less USB peripheral microcontroller, and a dedicated expansion board implementing a proven Type-C interface that can be used together with our certified X-CUBE-USB-PD middleware stack.