Integrated electronic power switch for power rail protection applications


Features an adjustable turn-on slew-rate to control the in-rush current during startup and hot-swap operations.

Wide a input voltage range from 4 to 18 V, the STELPD01 is able to precisely detect and react to overcurrent and overvoltage conditions. It also features an adjustable current limit with circuit breaker functionality.

Key features

  • Wide input voltage range: 4 to 18 V
  • 17.5 V typical output overvoltage clamp
  • 5 A maximum continuous current
  • Input undervoltage lockout
  • Adjustable slew rate for output voltage
  • Absolute maximum voltage of 23.5 V

Application examples

servers Hot-swap and hot-plug protection systems
industrial systems Industrial systems
usb type c VBUS management for USB Power Delivery and Type-C applications

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