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Secure gateway

As cars become more connected, their architecture is becoming increasingly complex, relying more on highly integrated electronic components. The trends towards high-speed in-vehicle networking and high-speed vehicle-to-cloud connectivity have raised the market demand for high-performance smart gateways acting as central hubs for in-vehicle and external communications. Smart gateways must be designed to ensure a high level of performance in processing data exchanges, and to establish the highest level of security to protect drivers from potential cyber-attacks, which could inject malicious data into car systems, thereby potentially compromising driver safety or infringing on data privacy. Secure gateways act as robust and reliable nodes for software updates over the air sent from the cloud, predictive maintenance analysis to avoid system failures, on-board diagnostics, and in-vehicle secure communications.  

ST’s turnkey solution for flawless security in smart automotive gateways

At the heart of every smart gateway is an automotive-grade microcontroller, specifically designed to enable security functions. The architecture of ST’s automotive MCUs offers performance and high throughput, which are essential to enable the real-time execution of various in-vehicle applications and the support of evolving communication protocols, while ensuring high security standards.

Based on a robust design embedding a reliable, isolated Hardware Security Module (HSM), SPC58 Chorus MCUs provide efficient, state-of-the-art data encryption and can execute authentication flows and message integrity checks, while running secure protocols. Their embedded HSM relies on its own independent CPU, internal RAM, and NVM, which are separated from the main CPU and application software, thus isolating the security subsystem and preventing potential cyber-attacks.

In addition, for further protection, the ST33G1M2A secure element can be used in conjunction with ST’s HSM-based automotive MCUs to reach EAL5+ Common Criteria certification. The ST33G1M2A delivers a tamper-proof solution to secure the storage of secret keys and data. Cryptographic services for secure boot, authentication, encryption, signature generation and verification, as well as local and remote attestation services can also be safely partitioned and run on this device.