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Secure Qi charging

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi 1.3 and Qi2 specifications enable wireless charging at higher power levels for millions of devices.
Car makers and manufacturers of Qi-certified chargers can address safety requirements with automotive-grade STSAFE authentication solutions. ST also offers full solutions based on secure elements and contactless NFC readers for secure wireless charging in cars, to help manufacturers protect vehicles, connected devices, and user safety.


  • Ensure compatibility of Qi-certified chargers and mobile devices
  • Prevent overcharging or other damage to mobile devices
  • Provide tamper-proof storage of manufacturer certificates and secret keys
  • Detect foreign objects, NFC tags, and smartphones in card emulation mode
  • Ensure product functionality and hardware integrity throughout the life cycle

ST’s dedicated solution for secure WPC Qi charging in cars

STSAFE-V100-Qi is a highly secure authentication solution specifically designed for in-vehicle wireless charging based on the latest-generation, automotive-grade ST33K-A secure elements. This tamper-proof solution can store manufacturer certificates and provide cryptographic services, including two-step secure authentication of Qi-certified chargers with certificate attestation.