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Programmable Safety Controller

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Programmable safety controllers (PSC) are the key enablers for automating safety-critical tasks in factories. They are typically modular systems consisting of several blocks, such as control or central processing units (CPU) and multiple Input / Output or other function (expansion) modules. The control unit communicates with the expansion modules over a dedicated, usually customer-specific bus called the backplane interface. The control unit operates in cycles and periodically exchanges data with the expansion modules. The data are processed in the control unit between consecutive cycles. The input / output modules interface with factory processes and provide information. The input side receives various physical variables detected by sensors, and the output side drives various actuators to control factory processes. Programmable safety controllers may be integrated in more complex automation systems involving connectivity with different fieldbus and industrial Ethernet profiles.

Our products and solutions

ST offers an extensive range of STM32 microcontrollers and microprocessors and related EEPROM, RTC and supervisors, and other products and software tools associated with system security. Input interfaces can benefit from our highly robust current limited terminations (CLT), which significantly reduce power dissipation.

Automation outputs enabled by our intelligent power switches (IPS) enable reliable driving of industrial loads. They enable compliance with safety regulations (SIL) and offer embedded galvanic isolation for high immunity in very compact designs. ST operational amplifiers, current sensing chips, and comparators ensure accurate signal conditioning in analog peripherals.

ST also offers also a wide range of power management ICs and protection devices such as transient voltage suppressors (TVS). ST completes its comprehensive range of devices related to industrial safety with communication interfaces for both wired connectivity, through various fieldbus profiles, and multiple wireless communication protocols.