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Personal care and hygiene

Personal Care and Hygiene is an important aspect of maintaining good health. It includes body care, dental care, hair care, foot care and grooming.  A range of electronic devices address this market, with the principle among them among being electric toothbrushes, body scales, sport, body and foot massagers, shavers, trimmers and epilators.

Body scales

The latest generation of digital body scales provide much more than just weight measurement data. They can provide many different types of information, including body fat, BMI (Body Mass Index), lean mass, muscle mass, and water ratio. As health and
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Electric shavers, epilators and trimmers

Shavers, trimmers and epilators are personal care products that need to offer users a comfortable and accurate hair removal experience as well as long battery life. This means highly accurate and efficient motor control and great power management. It
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Electric toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes are becoming more efficient, intelligent and user friendly offering a better user experience and improve dental care. They protect teeth and gums better through refined motor control resulting in a gentler brushing action, they
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Foot massagers and massage chairs are widely used to provide muscle release and stress relief through automatic massage programs in order to accelerate muscle recovery, alleviate muscle pain, reduce heart rate, increase flexibility, improve circulati
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Portable massagers

Portable massagers are widely use to accelerate muscle recovery, alleviate muscle pain, reduce heart rate, increase flexibility, improve circulation and promote better sleep. They offer precise control and allow users to adjust the speed control for
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Our products and solutions

ST offers range of solutions that allow the creation of convenient, smart and innovative products for this market. Our systems expertise in sensing, processing, motor control, power management and wireless connectively helps designers meet in design achieve the high quality and reliability standards that the personal care and hygiene market demands. 

  • Smarter sensing with ST's high-performance, low-power and small-footprint sensing devices. 
  • Precise motor control with the extensive ST portfolio of solutions for motor drivers that enable the required level of positioning accuracy, rotation speed, very low power consumption and full motor protection. 
  • Low power microcontrollers capable of addressing all the needs of personal care and hygiene devices. 
  • Wireless connectivity offering different ways for personal care devices to connect to smartphones and the Internet. 
  • High-efficiency power management for circuitry, motors and sensors including wireless charging solutions.