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Home and professional appliances

Appliances have since decades now enabled more convenience and comfort for home owners. Widely used around the world, appliances provide users with convenience, comfort, and entertainment.

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Appliances and the environmental challenge

With consumers buying more and more devices for use in their daily lives, these devices represent almost 25% of the world's energy consumption. In addition to being in the center of daily life both at home and in the workplace, they must satisfy the most stringent requirements to avoid potential safety hazards, in the quietest possible way, while maximizing their space utilization and power density. 

Moreover, as people – as well as governments – become more aware of environmental issues associated with carbon emissions, the demand for highly energy-efficient equipment is increasing. But that’s not all: consumers worldwide are now getting used to enhanced experiences even when tackling everyday domestic tasks. To enable innovative services, appliances are becoming intelligent and connected. 

Today, fridges schedule the replenishment of dairy products, kitchen aids fetch the recipe-of-the-day from the internet and robot vacuum cleaners are part of the home landscape.

Our products and solutions

ST offers a range of motor control devices – including Power MOSFETs, IGBTs and intelligent power modules as well as gate drivers and monolithic motor drivers to suit any kind of motor from stepper to BLDC PMSM. 

We also have a wide selection of power management ICs including power factor correction and PWM controllers and AC-DC converters, MEMS sensors and time-of-flight long-distance ranging sensors, and connectivity solutions that together with an extensive portfolio of 8-bit STM8 and 32-bit STM32 microcontrollers can help design more energy-efficient, connected and intelligent appliances.