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Central alarm system

Central alarm systems serve as bridges, collecting data from wired or wireless sensor nodes. Sensor nodes run with different network protocols and support several wired and wireless standards. They collect and send information about the safety of the building, fire events, alarm conditions, trouble conditions, or power failures. Advanced central alarm systems also act as edge processing platforms, performing rule-based analysis, and reducing system power and network bandwidth.

Key challenges

  • Support for multiple wireless communication protocols based on multistandard RF ICs and flexible processing platforms.
  • Retrofit existing wired hardware to wired-to-wireless bridge designs.
  • Robustness of the connectivity network in noisy environments in buildings and homes.
  • Ensure system protection against ESD & surges.

Our products and solutions

We offer a large product portfolio of microcontrollers and microprocessors. Combined with wired and wireless transceivers and SoCs, our MCUs and MPUs can address most network technologies and support high computing power.