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Smart TV - LCD and OLED

A Television set is complex electronic device capable of processing and displaying audiovisual content from multiple sources. The latest generation of TVs are smart and connected. They feature innovative screen form factors, great picture quality and a user interface designed to optimize the user experience on the big screen. TV sets require every more compact electronics and highly efficient power management technology driving the need for a highly integrated architecture.

Our products and solutions

ST’s offering provides designers with products and solutions that enable design of the most innovative and energy efficient TV sets. For power management our solutions enable a slim form factor as well as high power efficiency thanks to high- and low-voltage MOSFETs, FERD/Schottky and ultrafast diodes in low-profile SMD packages, STRVS protection devices and dedicated smart analog controllers for PFC, HB-LLC resonant circuits.   Digital power supply units based on our microcontrollers or digital controllers guarantee more efficient and flexible solutions.  In addition, ST offers Bluetooth connectivity solutions, LCD and OLED display control & power management, proximity sensors for gesture control, audio amplifiers, high-performance microcontrollers and system self-diagnosis functionality ranging from ambient light sensing to very accurate temperature sensing and optimized supervisor / reset.