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Therapy equipment

Once a pathology is identified, a wide range of therapeutic devices such as ventilators, pacemakers, pumps, and stimulators can be used to assist or replace certain physiological functions as well as administer medication at specified schedule or provide therapy.  As these devices interact directly with a patient's health, ensuring the highest possible degree of safety and reliability as well as accuracy when processing data is a major challenge, especially in life-critical systems. Moreover, for battery-operated devices, manufacturers must ensure very low power consumption for an extended battery lifetime.

CPAP, ventilators, and respirators

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) helps patients breathe by holding open the alveoli and preventing them from completely collapsing during expiration phases.  The most important aspect in a CPAP system is the air flow control that needs to b
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Dialysis machines

Accurate blood flow control is essential for dialysis machines which act as a pump and use an active filter system to remove toxins and excess water from blood before re-injecting it into the patient’s circulatory system.
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Powered patient beds

Powered beds can be adjusted to improve a person's comfort when lying flat or with one's head or feet raised. While primarily found in hospitals, adjustable beds are now used at home for patients expected to be bedridden for extended periods of time.
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Our products and solutions

ST offers a broad range of products including ultra-low-power STM32 microcontrollers, high-efficiency power and battery management ICs as well as high-performance operational amplifiers and comparators and protection devices together with a range of low-power connectivity ICs and motor control solutions to help engineers design innovative therapeutic solutions.