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Banking automation

Despite the continuous growth of electronic payments, the share of transactions made with cash is still significant.  Banking automation tools facilitate the management of this massive amount of cash, either in the form of coins or banknotes. Banking automation serves two main purposes: verify authenticity: coin and bill validators are used either at the counter or in automated vending machines and high-speed counting  of cash at “cash logistics” centers for both coins and banknotes.

Currency counter

The most common technique used to validate and count coins is to measure the coin’s size using opto-electronic sensors as well as the metal bulk and surface conductivity properties. Coin validators are required to provide a high level of detection ac
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USB NFC dongles

USB NFC dongles are used in home banking to authenticate a user or a transaction. They have a simple user interface and typically connect to a PC though a USB connector, which is also used to power the device, and a HF NFC reader typically with a ver
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Our products and solutions

The STM32 microcontroller performance series, complemented by wide range of analog interfaces, ensure a high-performance and efficient implementation of coin and bill validators.