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The farming industry is increasingly becoming digitalized through the widespread adoption of the latest data and communication technologies. Real-time collection and analysis of field information, such as soil moisture, temperature, pH, and other quality parameters, is a requirement today to maximize the quality and yield of the harvest.

From an architectural point of view, irrigation systems can be partitioned into 2 blocks:

  • the first block contains the main pump, actuators, and valves which together ensures an effective water supply.
  • Sensing and control is the second part of the system; it provides real-time data for monitoring, processing, and effective irrigation control and water management using the latest wireless technologies for reliable connectivity.

ST has optimized its irrigation system solution to provide a unique product development environment that can integrate multiple technologies, from our portfolio. These technologies can ensure low power consumption during sleep mode as well as high performance whenever necessary. As a result, these smart irrigation systems can optimize water delivery when needed while saving energy when the systems are not in use.

The ST microcontroller ecosystem consists of the STM32 microcontroller, a wide variety of evaluation boards including some with sensors, power management, motor control, and intelligent power switches for valve and actuator control. The ecosystem also includes software libraries for motor control and sensing among others and development tools for efficient and quick product development.

Actuators, Valves and Pumps Control
Actuators, Valves and Pumps Control
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Control and Sensing
Control and Sensing
An irrigation system designed to determine the exact amount and timing for water supply as well as determine the correct quantity...
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