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Smart farming

Smart Farming represents the next opportunity for IoT technologies to augment the agriculture business. Bridging modern communication and sensing technologies with the most advanced data analytics, Smart Farming aims to deliver agricultural production that is more sustainable and resource-efficient.  The Smart Farming revolution will make extensive use of new connected system solutions and remote nodes to save water and reduce the amount of chemicals deployed by sensing environmental parameters, optimize seeding and harvesting with smart tractors, and monitor both the health and location of livestock using connected sensors.

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Our products and solutions

ST´s unique product portfolio allows developers and companies innovate and exploit all the benefits of Smart Farming. With its STM32 family of products and its extensive ecosystem of hardware and software development tools and libraries, ST offers a large selection of microcontrollers delivering best-in-class performance, power consumption and availability of peripherals. 

Moreover, ST offers a comprehensive and market-proven selection MEMS environmental and inertial sensors to enable accurate farm and field sensing and animal tracking; a large portfolio of power management and motor control solutions for actuation; and low-power, long-range wireless connectivity solutions.