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A hearable is an ear-worn, always-on, intelligent consumer electronics device. Designed to be unobtrusive, enable face-to-face communication, and integrate easily into daily life, these smart earbuds often include self-fitting technology to ensure performance is matched to individual ears. In addition to being used as a personal sound amplification device for people with mild to moderate hearing loss, hearables can help protect your hearing thanks to active noise cancellation functions. They also have other applications including audio-based information services, health monitoring, in-ear detection, heart rate monitoring, and many others. This new generation of smart devices relies on and works in conjunction with voice-enabled virtual assistants that provide real-time responses or can access other apps. Added hardware like motion, proximity, heat and light sensors as well as skin detectors or other biometric interfaces can be included to gather information about the environment, location, and the wearer’s current state, activities, and even mood.

Earbuds and headsets (TWS)

Headsets come in a wide variety of form factors and functionality.  The primary function of a headset is to deliver high quality stereo music and sound, but the most advanced headsets incorporate a number of other functions including microphones for
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Key Challenges

ST helps companies meet these key challenges with a wide range of innovative products:

  • High-density power drivers enable high power density with a smaller footprint for customers to save valuable board space and reduce the overall bill of materials;
  • High-efficiency power management components with very low power consumption to extend battery life and ensure stable battery operation across a wide temperature range, especially negative temperatures;
  • Highly integrated audio and voice solutions featuring active noise cancellation, sound transparency, spatial audio and conversation enhancement for an enhanced overall listening experience;
  • Real-time activity sensing to guarantee fast sleep, hibernation and wake-up processes for the lowest possible power consumption;
  • Best-in-class MEMS microphones and motion sensors for advanced bio-sensing functions and activity recognition.

Our products and Solutions

Our products and Solutions

As a creator of unique technologies and products that provide our customers the best solutions to address their challenges and opportunities, ST provides a wide selection of dedicated MEMS environmental and motion sensors, including high-performance MEMS bone-conduction microphones.

Manufacturers will also benefit from our wide portfolio covering most devices for hearable applications such as wireless charging ICs, NFC tags and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity solutions.

Moreover, ST provides a comprehensive set of both hardware and software development tools and other developer resources to help you design hearables with the longest possible battery life while reducing development time and costs.