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Smart Glasses (AR)

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AR glasses and headsets provide the user with the ability to overlay virtual objects in the user’s direct field of view through transparent glass. Unlike VR (Virtual Reality) where the user’s vision is occluded, in AR (Augmented Reality) the user can observe the real world simultaneously with the virtual world. A PC or smartphone typically delivers content for these devices. Consumer applications include information display to the user while they are looking at real objects, such as placing a virtual (though realistic) sofa in the living room before making the purchase. Enterprise and commercial applications include the overlay of key information to field maintenance personnel in a range of industries. In medicine, physicians can access critical patient care information at site of treatment.  AR headsets present a unique set of challenges when it comes to design in order to achieve the best integration while offering the right autonomy and accuracy.

Our products and solutions

ST offers a number of products and ICs for Augmented Reality devices to help meet these challenges. Key products include high-accuracy motion sensors, proximity sensors, ultra-low-power, high performance microcontrollers, power management and wireless charging, and Bluetooth and NFC connectivity. ST also provides innovative Scanned Laser Projector and MEMS mirror solutions to display content in the best possible way.

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      LSM6DSV adapter board for a standard DIL24 socket

      - MEMS Motion Sensor Eval Boards ST

      LSM6DSV adapter board for a standard DIL24 socket