Automotive Thyristors (SCRs)

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ST Automotive Thyristors offer 1200V blocking capability at 150°C junction temperature. They are fully qualified according to AEC-Q101 specifications. Ranging from 30 to 60 A, ST’s EV SCRs are designed for 2 to 22 kW OBC (on-board chargers) bridge or bridgeless topologies in EV (Electric Vehicles). They are particularly well suited for power factor correction.

Thanks to optimized surge current capability and high turn-on performance, our Automotive Thyristors also fit applications such as belt starter generators and capacitor discharge circuits.

Offering improved power density, AEC-Q101 Thyristors can also fit AC-DC rectification in battery chargers and UPS as well as soft starters in motor drives or solid-state relays.

Fully rated at 150°C and housed in D2PAK or TO-247 packages, these on-board charger thyristors offer robust switching, 1kV/µs immunity up to 1400 V surges, and are fully aligned with AEC-Q101 requirements.

Designed for automotive applications including stationary battery chargers,  the TN6050HP-12WY SCR offers 1 kV/µs immunity and 1400 V surge protection, making it ideal for safely handling capacitor discharges.