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6-channel high-side driver with 24-bit SPI interface for automotive applications

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The VN9E30F is a device made using STMicroelectronics VIPower technology. It is intended for driving resistive or inductive loads directly connected to ground. The device is protected against voltage transient on the VCC pin (see ISO7637 transient compatibility table). Programming, control and diagnostics are implemented via the SPI bus. A digital current sense feedback for each channel is provided through an integrated 10-bit ADC with 0.1 % of FSR. Dedicated trimming bits allow to adjust the ADC reference current. The device is equipped with 6 outputs controllable via SPI or with the 2-OTP assignable direct inputs. The device detects open-load in OFF-state conditions. Real time diagnostics is available through the SPI bus (open-load, output short to VCC, overtemperature, communication error, power limitation or latch off). Output current limitation protects the device in an overload condition. The device can limit the dissipated power to a safe level up to thermal shutdown intervention. Thermal shutdown can be configured as latched off or programmable time-limited auto-restart. The device enters a limp home mode in case of loss of digital supply (VDD), reset of digital memory or watchdog monitoring time-out event. In limp home mode, each output is set according to the programmed register to be always OFF or according to the 2x direct inputs pins.

  • All features

    • AEC-Q100 qualified
    • General
      • Extremely low voltage operation for deep cold cranking applications (compliant with LV124, revision 2013)
      • Integrated PWM engine with independent phase shift and frequency generation (for each channel)
      • 24-bit ST-SPI for full diagnostics and digital current sense feedback
      • Integrated 10-bit ADC for digital current sense
      • Programmable bulb/LED mode for all channels
      • Advanced limp-home functions for robust fail-safe system
      • Very low standby current
      • Optimized electromagnetic emissions
      • Very low electromagnetic susceptibility
      • Control through direct inputs and/or SPI
      • Compliant with European directive 2002/95/EC
    • Diagnostics functions
      • Digital proportional load current sense
      • Synchronous diagnostics of overload and short-to-GND, output shorted to VCC and OFF-state open-load events
      • Programmable case overtemperature warning
    • Protection
      • Two-level load current limitation
      • Self-limiting of fast thermal transients
      • Undervoltage shutdown
      • Overvoltage clamp
      • Latch-off or programmable time-limited auto-restart (power limitation and overtemperature shutdown)
      • Load dump protected
      • Protection against loss of ground

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VFQFPN 6X6X1 32L P0.5 Automotive Ecopack2



VFQFPN 6X6X1 32L P0.5

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VFQFPN 6X6X1 32L P0.5



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