SPC57 4S Line MCUs

The 32-bit SPC57 4S Line of automotive Power Architecture® microcontrollers is designed to meet the challenges of mission-critical applications for entry- and mid-level vehicles for which safety really matters, such as motor control, ABS and airbags as well as emerging electrification applications such as battery management systems and brushless DC electric motors.

Designed to meet ASIL-D, the highest functional safety level in compliance with ISO 26262, the SPC57 4S Line provides high performance processing with low power consumption.

Operating at speeds up to 140 MHz with an embedded 1.5 Mbyte Flash memory, the e200z4d dual-core SPC57 4S Line features eTimers and flexPWM and offers a wide set of connectivity options such as CAN-FD, FlexRay, and LIN interfaces as well as flexible ADCs.

Available in a 100-pin TQFP package, the AEC-Q100 qualified SPC57 4S Line joins the SPC5 family of High Performance MCUs, extending its full scalability to address the complete Chassis and Safety vehicle applications.

To help designers find the best solution for their applications, a full ecosystem completes the offer with a dedicated discovery board for accelerating development and secure a fast time-to-market.

ST’s SPC5 Studio, an Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE), provides a comprehensive framework to design, build and deploy your own embedded application, providing software drivers, configuration code and several free application firmware examples ready for use to assist in the application development.
Getting started has never been so easy!

All automotive MCUs are part of ST’s 15 years longevity commitment program, which ensures continuity and stability of supply for ST customers.

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