STM32 ODE Translate SW

The STM32 ODE “Translate Series” of Cube Expansion SW (X-CUBEs) are designed to deliver to the STM32 ODE Ecosystem the essential SW to plug on top of CUBE to enable accessing with a high-level and easy to use API the functionality that the related “Translate Series” expansion board provides.

It provides components API to initialise and use the functionalities, plus sample applications to exercise the product functionalities and understand how to use the APIs in a typical application case.

The CUBE expansion SW packages come with pre-compiled binaries, pre-defined projects ready to be used with a wide range of development environments including IAR EWARM, Keil MDK or GCC-based IDEs for selected NUCLEO boards The code is easily portable on the other NUCLEO boards, and easily integrated with other X-CUBE packages