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STM32MP1 OpenSTLinux Distribution Package

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Product overview


STM32MP1Distrib is a Linux® distribution based on the OpenEmbedded build framework. It includes the following collection of software components: OpenSTLinux BSP (OP-TEE secure OS, boot chain and Linux kernel), application frameworks such as the following Linux application frameworks (non-exhaustive list): Wayland-Weston as a display/graphic framework, Gstreamer as a multimedia framework, advanced Linux sound architecture (ALSA) libraries.

  • All features

    • OpenSTLinux BSP with:
      • Boot chain based on TF-A and U-Boot
      • OP-TEE secure OS running on the Arm® Cortex®-A in secure mode
      • Linux® kernel running on the Arm® Cortex®-A in non-secure mode
    • Application frameworks composed of middlewares relying on the BSP and providing API

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OpenSTLinux Distribution Package