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V4L2 Linux driver for VD55G0 image sensor and its derivative camera modules

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Product overview


Get started with the VD55G0 image sensor within a few minutes using the STSW-IMG505: A V4L2 Linux driver that can operate on various embedded processing platforms.

It is available for free download on This turnkey driver allows users to integrate the VD55G0 sensor with zero effort and no code development. Consequently, users can focus on their algorithms and applications. The process is simple: Download the driver, build it as a module in the Linux kernel, update the device tree, and it is ready to use!

Operating under the V4L2 open-source framework, the driver supports various kernel versions. It ensures compatibility with a broad range of embedded processing platforms from many vendors worldwide. This versatile driver also supports numerous configurations and sensor features, enabling the user to benefit maximally from the rich toolbox of features that are embedded in the VD55G0 image sensor.

The STSW-IMG505 driver operates on two types of turnkey evaluation hardware kit from STMicroelectronics. All include boards, optics, and flex cables. The first option, is to use the driver with the VD55G0 S-Board: A MIPI sensor board with an M12 lens holder enabling the user to integrate any of their preferred M12 or smaller lens. The second option, is to use the driver with the P-Board: A MIPI promodule board that enables the user to plug any CAM-55G0 evaluation camera module.

  • All features

    • V4L2 (video4linux2) Linux driver for the VD55G0 image sensor
    • Operates on various processing platforms
    • Supports multiple kernel versions
    • Supports various sensor configurations
    • Compatible evaluation hardware includes:
      • VD55G0 S-Board
      • P-Board and CAM-55G0 promodules

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