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Firmware for ST25DV-DISCOVERY kit

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Product overview


The STSW-ST25DV001 package contains all source files to compile firmware for the ST25DV-DISCOVERY boards.

The firmware includes drivers for ST25DV device (ISO15693 / NFC Forum Type 5 dynamic tag), running on a STM32F415 microcontroller.

It is built on top of STM32 Cube software libraries and methodology and it provides many examples of the capabilities of the ST25DV dynamic tag.

Some features of the demo require a reader (such as the CR95HF and its associated PC software) or a smartphone with the ST25 NFC application software package installed.

  • All features

    • Fast transfer mode demos
      • FW upgrade1.
      • Picture download/upload(1).
    • Read / Store NDEF messages
      • NFC forum NDEF library.
      • Additional NFC forum Type5 Tag wrapper.
    • Additional features of the ST25DV
      • Interrupts from the ST25DV to the MCU, using the dedicated GPO.
      • Energy harvesting to power an additional component.
      • Manage ST25DV state: RF Enable/Disable/Sleep, low-power down state.
      • Password and memory area management: 64 bits password authentication, specific read/write protection for any of the four possible memory area.
      • I2C driver to communicate between a STM32 microcontroller and the ST25DV.
    • Based on the STM32 Cube software libraries and methodology.

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