Windows® PC software for ISO15693, ISO14443-A/B, NFC and industrial readers

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  • ST25PC-NFC software is a Java™ application running on Windows® PCs, developed to demonstrate RF communication with all ST25 tags.

    ST25PC-NFC uses OS-independent Java™ libraries to interact with the ST25 tags, via industrial readers from FEIG ELECTRONIC and other manufacturers.
    STSW-ST25PC001 is the reference for the ST25PC-NFC Windows® installer.
    STSW-ST25PC002 is the reference for the JavaFX™ source code used to build ST25PC-NFC. It shows examples of use of the ST25 SDK library.

    Key Features

    • Supports ISO15693, ISO14443-A/B, NFC Forum Type 4 and Type 5 commands
    • Supports the feature set of the ST25 NFC / RFID tags
    • Interacts with industrial readers (MR102, LR1002 and CPR30-USB) from FEIG ELECTRONIC (
    • Interacts with CR95HF and ST25R3911B demonstration boards
    • Inventory detects many protocols, such as ISO14443-A/B and ISO15693, NFC Forum Type 2, Type 4 and Type 5 tags
    • Read/Write NDEF records on multiple tags
    • Fast transfer mode demonstration with ST25DV-DISCOVERY board
    • EEPROM and Registry editors
    • Sector and Area managers

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