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STM32 MPU OpenSTLinux Expansion Pack for Predictive Maintenance applications

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Product overview


The X-LINUX-PREDMNT application is an STM32 MPU OpenSTLinux Expansion Pack that runs on the Cortex A7 side of the MP1 microprocessor and used in conjunction with WIREST-SDK and EDGEST-SDK to implement Edge gateway functionality between wire-connected sensor nodes and cloud services. The overall predictive maintenance platform (PMP) setup involves registering sensor devices through a dashboard, configuring an STM32MP1 as an Edge gateway, and connecting with a cloud service provider.

Processed environmental and inertial data are sent to the IoT cloud, visualized on the dashboard, and used to detect conditions which may indicate the need for maintenance intervention. This particular solution includes the AWS IoT Greengrass Edge Computing service to allow local processing of sensor data through Lambda functions on the Edge gateway even in absence of cloud connectivity. Data synchronization when the cloud becomes reachable again is handled automatically.

  • All features

    • Python™ 3.5.x (enabling Pillow module)
    • Distributed as ready-to-use binary image (to be flashed on STM32MP1 microSD) and source code Yocto layer for OpenSTLinux.
    • Sensor provisioning via AWS IoT Greengrass, enabling lambda functions to handle alarm generation on sensor data.
    • Quick system setup through ST evaluation account in Amazon Web Services (limitations apply):
      • Trial basis duration: 6 months
      • Max number of devices: 5
      • Max number of Edge nodes: 1
    • User data segregation.
    • BSD (3-clause) license terms.

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