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X-LINUX-RT expansion package enables OpenSTLinux real-time extension

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Product overview


X-LINUX-RT is an STM32 MPU OpenSTLinux Expansion Package that targets the activation of Linux® Real Time for STM32MP1 series microprocessors. It enables the PREEMPT-RT patch set aiming at making preemptible all the code running in the kernel mode. This allows reaching the determinism level needed for factory automation in key components such as PLCs (programmable logic controller).

This is achieved through a specific configuration: in-kernel locking-primitives (using spinlocks) are made preemptible; the critical sections, protected for instance by spinlock_t and rwlock_t, are made preemptible; priority inheritance for in-kernel spinlocks and semaphores is implemented; interrupt handlers are converted into preemptible kernel threads.

  • All features

    • OpenSTLinux real-time extension for STM32MP1 series microprocessors
    • Compatible with the Yocto Project® build system
    • Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling feature (DVFS) deactivated
    • Delivered in industrial operating performance point (OPP) configuration:
      • 900 MHz for the STM32MP13xx microprocessors
      • 650 MHz for the STM32MP15xx microprocessors

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