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X-LINUX-SPN1 software package for OpenSTLinux

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Product overview


X-LINUX-SPN1 is an OpenSTLinux expansion software package that provides software support and APIs for the STSPIN family of motor drivers for the STM32MP platform.

The software package provides a GTK-based UI app which extends the demo application that ships with MPU discovery boards.

Python APIs are provided to enable developers to create motor control applications.

Currently supports the X-NUCLEO-IHM15A1 and X-NUCLEO-IHM12A1 dual brush DC motor driver expansion boards based on STSPIN840 and STSPIN240, respectively, and other motor control boards will be supported in future releases.

  • All features

    • Linux application
    • Python APIs for STSPIN motor drivers
    • GTK-based UI application to control motors
    • Runs on STM32MP157F-DK2
    • Development environment: OpenSTLinux

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