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ST’s tunable capacitors and associated controllers are designed to tune wireless antennas to specific frequencies. The implementation of tunable capacitors enables significant improvement in terms of radiated performance (TRP & TIS) making them almost insensitive to the external environment.

ST’s integrated tunable capacitors offer excellent RF performance, low power consumption and high linearity required in adaptive RF tuning applications:

The fundamental building block of a passive tunable integrated circuit (PTIC) is a tunable material called Parascan™, which is a version of barium strontium titanate (BST) developed by Paratek microwave.

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New BST capacitance controller significantly shrinks Smart Antenna Tuning Controller

Leveraging ST’s advanced 0.18 µm BCD8 process and 0.35mm-pitch flip-chip package, the STHVDAC-253C7 high-voltage BST capacitance controller is 50% smaller than its predecessor and consumes half the operating current. In addition, the new controller requires no external Schottky diode, thereby reducing the overall circuit footprint even further.
Using the STHVDAC-253C7 with STPTIC capacitors for impedance matching and frequency tuning provides stronger signal reception, fewer dropped calls, faster data rates, and longer battery life for handset users.