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Our RF Filters use ST’s process integrating high-quality RF passive components on a single glass substrate.

This category includes devices covering all RF needs in mobile and connected devices, serving cellular, consumer, Internet of Things and the latest connectivity applications.

Addressing Bluetooth applications, the MLPF-WB55-01E3 is an impedance matched harmonics filter optimized for our dual-core, multi-protocol wireless STM32WB55 microcontrollers and requiring 7 times smaller PCB space than the equivalent L-C discrete solution. The new MLPF-WB55-02E3 is tailored to match the output impedance of the STM32WBVxxx series. The new MLPF-WB-01E3 is a matched filter companion chip for STM32WB55Cx, STM32WB55Rx, STM32WB35xxx, STM32WB50xxx and STM32WB30xxx

To be used in GNSS receiver, the BPF8089-01SC6 is an integrated impedance matching circuit to be located between STA8089 and STA8090 low noise amplifier input and the antenna. It embeds an ESD protection to guard STA8089 and STA8090 LNA inputs from EOS and ESD disturbances.