Automotive IC Eval Boards


The Easyboard concept was born to give customers the chance to evaluate products without committing to the expenses, time and resources typically necessary to design a customized circuit board.
Easyboards are simple and low-cost evaluation tools that wire-in a VIPower product to a load. This allows a straightforward evaluation of the device and of all the application functionalities, among which the auto-protection capability under hazardous conditions.
Each evaluation board includes a VIPower device soldered onto a small 2-layers PCB with heavy copper and thermal vias, to support maximum device current and customer-configured thermal relief strategies.

Easyboards come with the following part numbers:

  • EV-VNx5xxx: VIPower M0-5 High Side Switches single, dual and quad channels for 12 V battery lines
  • EV-VNx7xxx: VIPower M0-7 High Side Switches single, dual and quad channels for 12 V battery lines
  • EV-VNx5Txxx: High Side Switches for 24V systems
  • EV-VNH5xxx: Motor Control solutions

Evaluation Boards

Several evaluation boards are available for driving different loads as well as DC (VNH5xxx or L99H01), brushless (L99ASC03) or Stepper (L99MD01) motors.
The evaluation kits typically consist of a motherboard equipped with the microcontroller and a daughterboard assembling the Smart Power device. With the aim to make it simpler the board usage and settings, ST provides a dedicated and user-friendly software with a Graphical User Interface (GUI). The GUI enables the user to set Smart Power parameters and, at the same time, it shows real-time device diagnostics information like current, output evolution, battery voltage monitoring, board temperature and other values depending on the HW environment.

Available part numbers are the following: