STM32 Nucleo expansion boards

STM32 Nucleo expansion boards carry all the required components to
  • Evaluate ST devices to be used together with an STM32 MCU
  • Build STM32-based applications leveraging functionality and performance of ST’s device portfolio

The expansion boards are equipped with standardized interconnections, such as

  • an Arduino Uno R3 connector, or
  • a Morpho connector for a higher level of connectivity
Each expansion board is supported by STM32-based software modules.

The combination of STM32 Nucleo boards and expansion boards is a unified scalable approach with unlimited possibilities for application development, prototyping or product evaluation.

Discover the new release of our STM32 Embedded Software I-CUBE-LRWAN. Up-to-date and secure!

  • Implementation of the latest LoRa-Alliance™ LoRaWAN specification protocol V1.0.3
  • Class A, B, C supported
  • Support of STSAFE-A devices through Secure element API
  • Driver for Semtech SX127x / SX126x transceivers
  • More regions covered!

Download it for free here