Isolated Interfaces

Isolate high-speed digital signals with ST's robust, reliable and flexible digital isolated interfaces.

Explore new ST digital isolators to transmit high-speed bit streams up to 100 Mbps over the isolation barrier for high-performance industrial applications working in harsh temperatures and system noise.

ST's digital isolators leverage our 6kV thick-oxide galvanic-isolation technology to transfer data between isolated domains in a variety of industrial applications, providing lifetime reliability and high-voltage protection.

STISO621: a new digital isolator outperforming conventional optical isolators

The first release, the STISO621 dual-channel digital isolator, features two independent channels with Schmitt trigger inputs that ensure high noise immunity and keeps pulse distortion below 3ns. With a maximum data rate of 100Mbit/s, 6000V impulse withstand voltage (VIOTM), and 1200V maximum repeating isolation voltage (VIORM), the STISO621 ensures faster data transmission, longer lifetime, and higher reliability than conventional optical isolators.

Dedicated evaluation boards to get started

To help developers get their design to market more quickly, the EVALSTISO62XV1 evaluation board lets you get started exploring the STISO family of dual-channel digital isolators.

EVALSTISO62XV1 dual channel digital isolator evaluation board

Combining low-cost sensors and robust galvanic isolation, the EVALSTPM-3PHISO evaluation board integrates the high-accuracy STPMS2 metering front-end IC and the advanced STISO621 digital isolator, with customizable turn-key firmware running on STM32 microcontroller to compute metrology and power-quality data. The sensing circuitry and PCB layout are optimized to ensure robustness against EMI, and a strong signal-to-noise ratio for high-accuracy measurement and post-processing computation.

three phase full shunt electricity meter evaluation board