USB Type-C: a fast growing market

Democratization of the appealing new USB Type-C connector is today a reality for many devices. Already largely adopted in computer and smartphone segments, the technology is also about to penetrate all kinds of portable consumer, industrial and automotive applications.

One cable to rule them all

Whatever the final application, there are many reasons for adopting USB-C cables.  Since it is reversible, it can be plugged into a device any which way; both sides are "up. Able to carry up to 100 W charging power (from 5V/0.5A up to 20V/5.0A), It also allows to merge the functionality of both legacy Type-A and -B ports, In a single one and even can change roles on the fly.

In addition to the upgraded power capabilities offered by the USB Power Delivery standard, the data bandwidth and the versatility of data communication supported by the new cable are also impressive: from legacy USB 2.0 to USB 3.1 (soon USB 3.2) data exchanges at 10 Gbit/s as well as Alternate mode for HDMI, DisplayPort or fully proprietary communication methods.

New products for new applications

While support for a subset of core features is mandatory for certification, support for all features in a single port is obviously optional, making every implementation behind Type-C connectors application specific. While at the same time, with the multiplication of use cases, application-specific features are mandatory to ensure safe operation with the correct protection level.

Power any 100 W (or less) device with USB Power Delivery!

STUSB4500 is the first USB Power Delivery controller designed to address specifically USB Type-C sink devices. It allows straightforward migration from STD-B, micro-B or custom power plugs to a Type-C connector. STUSB4500 is stand-alone, tiny, safe, certified, and easily customizable.

Order your STEVAL-ISC005V1 evaluation board to power your device with USB PD!

STUSB4500 Certification ID: 1000133

STUSB4710 Stand-alone USB Power Delivery controller

STUSB4710 targets power-source applications such AC adapters, power supplies, power hubs, smart plugs and DC-DC applications. This IC integrates all the digital and high-voltage analog circuitry needed to autonomously support full USB PD negotiation. It supports up to 5 Power Data Objects (PDO) and power-sharing applications thanks to its I²C interface.
Discover the STEVAL-ISC004V1, a USB PD controller evaluation board based on STUSB4710.