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Standard SPI EEPROM products in Industrial grade 85°C offer the fastest and more robust serial interface. SPI EEPROM are recommended for:

  • Frequent and reliable communications with the MCU
  • Fast reading for setup, boot and small downloads  

These features make SPI EEPROM ideal when high densities up to 4 Mbits are needed in applications such as medical and industrial systems.

Standard SPI EEPROM products in Industrial-Plus grade 105°C offer an extended temperature range suited for Smart City and Smart Industry solutions. Outdoor applications such as lighting networks, renewable electrical production & distribution, and industrial automation often need to operate up to 105 °C and can rely on robust packages such as SO8N and TSSOP.

Up to 4 Mbits with SPI protocol at 20 MHz, products feature up to 4 million write/erase cycles per byte, over 100 million cycles per device and 200 years data retention.

Gain development time by using the IBIS and Verilog models available in Resources.

Standard Serial EEPROM follow the STMicroelectronics 10 years longevity program.