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Standard SPI EEPROM products in Industrial grade 85°C offer the fastest and more robust serial interface. SPI EEPROM are recommended for:

  • Frequent and reliable communications with the MCU
  • Fast reading for setup, boot and small downloads 
  • Interface external NVM with sensors and advanced digital cores without creating different supply voltage levels  

These features make SPI EEPROM ideal when high densities up to 2 Mbits are needed in applications such as medical and industrial systems.

Standard SPI EEPROM products in Industrial-Plus grade 105°C offer an extended temperature range suited for Smart City and Smart Industry solutions. Outdoor applications such as lighting networks, renewable electrical production & distribution, and industrial automation often need to operate up to 105 °C and can rely on robust packages such as SO8N and TSSOP.

Up to 2 Mbits with SPI protocol at 20 MHz, products feature up to 4 million write/erase cycles per byte, over 100 million cycles per device and 200 years data retention.

Gain development time by using the IBIS and Verilog models available in Resources.