STM32G0x0 Value line

The STM32G0x0 Value Line features an Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core and runs at up to 64 MHz. Targeting cost-sensitive applications, the STM32G0x0 Value Line focuses on the essentials of the STM32G0 series.

The STM32G0x0 Value Line comes with a very accurate internal clock, eliminating the need for an external oscillator. It also brings a full set of high-performing peripherals, such as a faster 12-bit ADC, advanced and flexible timers, calendar RTC, and communication peripherals, such as the I²C, USART, and SPI.

This is another step forward in combining the need for simple, robust, and efficient applications, while delivering complementary performance with the STM32C0 series.

The STM32G0x0 Value Line covers many memory and pin count combinations down to an 8-pin package, further enhancing the overall cost efficiency of your projects.

Application developers starting with the STM32G0x0 Value Line can easily upgrade their design to the pin-to-pin compatible STM32G0x1, or to any other device in the wide STM32 portfolio, thanks to the tool and software reusability.