STM32MP253 application processors (STM32 MPUs) are based on dual Arm® Cortex®-A35 core running up to 1.5 GHz and Cortex®-M33 cores running at 400 MHz.

They offer 2 Ethernet ports, 3 FDCAN interfaces and security features available.


The STM32MP2 series offers general-purpose microprocessors (MPUs) suitable for a wide range of applications across multiple market segments, targeting industrial use.

EV chargers
Industrial and factory automation
Smart homes

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Enhanced security

  • Advanced security features with certifications supporting security functions for IoT and industrial applications (SESIP3 certification target, TrustZone® on Cortex®-A & Cortex®-M, secure isolation for edge confidential computing.)

Supporting ecosystem for faster development

  • Fast and easy application software porting thanks to the mainlined open-source Linux distribution based on Yocto: OpenSTLinux
  • Android distribution
  • STM32Cube toolset, including STM32CubeMX (pins and clocks configuration, DRAM interface tuning tool, code generation for Linux on Cortex®-A35 and STM32Cube firmware on Cortex®-M33), GCC-based IDEs and STM32CubeProgrammer with signing tools

High integration

  • Optimized bill of materials (BOM) thanks to high integration, packages compatible with low-cost PCB technologies (down to 4-layers plated-through hole -PTH- PCBs) and a dedicated power management IC (PMIC)

An extensive third-party ecosystem

  • Buildroot and OpenWRT supports available via partners.
  • System-on-modules based on STM32MP2 from partners

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