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A UHF RFID reader is a device using an Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) range, between 840 MHz and 960 MHz. Its extended read range compared to HF NFC readers enables one reader to interact with many tags at the same time, at a very high speed, within distances of tens of meters.

ST25RU Series: RAIN© UHF RFID single chip readers

uhf rfid reader ic st25ruST25RU3993 is the latest UHF RFID RAIN© reader IC from our ST25RU Series. It provides multiprotocol support for the 840-960 MHz UHF band and follows GS1's EPC UHF Gen2 air interface protocol.

Optimal performances combined with very low-power consumption makes it ideal for battery operated handheld devices, such as mobile phones, but also for a large diversity of consumer, industrial and medical applications.

Its high level of integration enables the design of a complete UHF RFID reader system, using only an external 8-bit microcontroller. This eliminates the need for a complex RFID co-processor.

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Compatible with:

  • ISO/IEC 18000-6C (EPC Class1 Gen2)
  • ISO/IEC 18000-6A/B through direct mode
  • ISO/IEC 29143 (Air interface for mobile RFID)

rain rfid

Key application examples:

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  • Retail/Stationary Readers
  • Industrial PDA's
  • Mobile phones / Handheld
  • Consumer, Industrial and Medical Applications
  • Portable Data Capture
  • Supply chain, logistics, asset tracking
  • Cold chain management
  • IoT-based applications

UHF RFID reader evaluation board:

New Java, C# and python software wrappers speed up the design of UHF RFID reader
CR95HF & ST95HF are now combined
in a single product ST25R95
Flexible UHF RFID Reader Now Bends Backwards,
Discover the ST25RU3993 and Its New APIs

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