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NFC Forum Type 4 Tag IC with 2-Kbit EEPROM and general purpose digital output

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Product overview


The ST25TA512B and ST25TA02KB devices are NFC tag ICs, with an optional general purpose output available on ST25TA02KB-D and ST25TA02KB-P.

They embed an up to 2 -Kbit EEPROM, and can be operated from a 13.56 MHz RFID reader or an NFC phone.

The ST25TA512B, ST25TA02KB,

ST25TA02KB-D and ST25TA02KB-P devices are NFC Forum Type 4 Tags.

They communicate using the ISO/IEC 14443 Type A protocol, and feature a digital signature generated by TruST25™ (a set of software and procedures) used to prove the origin of the chip in cloning detection.

  • All features

    • Contactless interface
      • NFC Forum Type 4 Tag, certified by the NFC Forum
      • ISO/IEC 14443 Type A
      • 106 kbps data rate
      • Internal tuning capacitance: 50 pF
    • Memory
      • Up to 256-byte (2-Kbit) EEPROM
      • Support NDEF data structure
      • Data retention: 200 years
      • Endurance: 1 million erase-write cycles
      • Read up to 256 bytes in a single command
      • Write up to 54 bytes in a single command
      • Chaining capability
      • 7-byte unique identifier (UID)
      • 128-bit password protection
      • 20-bit event counter with anti-tearing
    • Product identification and protection
      • TruST25™ digital signature
    • Package
    • Digital output
      • GPO: configurable general purpose output
        • driven by an open drain transistor, available on ST25TA02KB-D only
        • enabling no DC consumption (CMOS output buffer), available on ST25TA02KB-P only.


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