Conceived for noise-sensitive and RF applications, this series of high-performance LDO regulators feature remarkable power supply rejection ratio characteristics (up to 92 dB at 1 kHz) and ultra-low noise operation (as low as 6.3 µVRMS) resulting in cleaner and stable output voltages suitable for ultra-sensitive loads. Their advanced design guarantees fast and stable dynamic performance with low power consumption.

Ultra-low-noise and low-consumption LDO for ultra-sensitive loads

The LDLN025 is a series of 250 mA low-dropout voltage regulators designed for noise sensitive loads. Able to work with an input voltage range from 1.5 to 5.5 V, it provides accurate and stable voltage to precision ADCs, VCOs, or sensors, in space-constrained products such as smartphones, smart watches, fitness monitors, medical sensors, and wireless IoT devices.

Due to its best-in-class output noise figures (<6.5 µVRMS) and very high PSRR (80 dB), the LDLN025 provides a very clean output, suitable for ultra-sensitive loads. Moreover, its very low quiescent current, only 12 μA at no-load, extends the battery life of applications requiring very long standby time.

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