Multicell Battery Monitoring and Balancing ICs

charging vehiclesST multicell battery monitoring and balancing ICs include solutions with all the key blocks for accurate cell voltage. These include current measurement and balancing capability to equalize cell voltages for longer battery lifetime. Several diagnostic and protection features are available to ensure safe operation.



Lithium-ion batteries are powering more and more equipment thanks to improvements in capacity density (kWh/Kg) and falling costs. Cell monitoring and balancing ICs play a critical role in the ability of battery management systems (BMS) to maximize battery performance, life, and safety. Balancing and monitoring ICs can address several applications. The nominal battery voltage (related to the number of cells) is a key factor when selecting ICs in terms of isolation and safety features.


ebike for multi cell battery monitoring application


UPS for multi cell battery monitoring application



Product types

Our key products can monitor and balance batteries up to 20V. This can rise to 800V by stacking up to 31 ICs in daisy chain configuration, offering a high degree of modularity and flexibility. The high level of integration, with A/D converters, voltage regulators, current sense amplifier, and temperature sensor interfaces, minimizes the number of components needed.



  • High-voltage family includes a dedicated converter for each of the monitored cells, allowing simultaneous conversion of voltage measurements (total conversion in 300µs) with high precision (maximum 1.4mV).
  • Safe operation with diagnostic and protection features, such as undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature
  • High level of integration with on-board battery stack current sense amplifier
  • Dedicated converter for each cell allowing synchronized voltage measurements for greater accuracy
  • Collaterals and evaluation boards for all key BMS components (MCU, drivers, protections, and power MOSFETs)