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The SLLIMM high power (HP) series of compact, powerful, dual-in-line Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs) from the STPOWER family expands the existing SLLIMM series. Taking performance to the next level in terms of breakdown voltage, current capability, power range and density, the series includes:

  • The 650V/50A STGIK50CH65T: SLLIMM high-power IPM, 3-phase inverter, short-circuit rugged IGBT
  • The 1200V/10A STGIK10M120T

Key features

Designed using an innovative configuration of the internal drivers and a high level of integration, the SLLIMM HP series features:

  • three high-side drivers
  • one low-side driver
  • trench gate field-stop IGBTs 
  • a free-wheeling diode power stage
  • Direct Bonded Copper HPS substrate 

What the SLIMM HP series can bring to your design

  • Increased thermal dissipation capabilities  thanks to DBC HPS  substrate
  • Extended power range for applications
  • System integration and compactness reduces BOM

Target applications

The SLLIMM HP series is tailored for industrial applications such as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), servo motors, general-purpose inverters, and industrial washing machines, operating up to 5 kW.

The STGIK50CH65T 650V/50A device will also be available for implementation in automotive applications, such as high-voltage auxiliary motors (climate e-compressors, oil, fuel, and water pumps) and cooling fans.