Application-Specific Integrated Products (ASIP)

What is ASIP technology?

ST’s ASIP technology combines ESD protection at system level (IEC61000-4-2), customized EMI filters with overvoltage, overcurrent protections, and other IPs such as low-dropout regulators (LDO), multiplexers, level translators, etc. for optimized BOM costs compared to a discrete implementation. Designers appreciate this solution as it helps reduce system cost, size and complexity.

How to use ST's ASIPs? 

ST’s ASIPs can be companion chips for STM32 microcontrollers or Teseo GNSS ICs to offer a tailored integration that simplifies designs for system leading to cost optimization without compromising performance and integration level.

Our portfolio targets a broad range of applications such as DC power inputs/outputs (including USB Type-C or any custom connector), HDMI and Display port signal conditioning, LNA impedance matching with ESD protection, current limiter for Programmable Logic Controller inputs, sensor or LED protection, USB Type-C Port Protection.

For example, below is the range of Type-C Port Protection (TCPP) companion chips to STM32 microcontrollers.
You can also visit our USB Type-C and Power Delivery Solutions with TCPP0x products selector on our dedicated Github.