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32bit ARM® SecurCore® SC300 with secure integrity architecture, AES, DES, Nescrypt public key co-processors

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The ST33Jxxx is a serial access microcontroller designed for secure mobile applications. It incorporates the most recent generation of ARM processors for embedded secure systems. Its SecurCore® SC300™ 32-bit RISC core is built on the Cortex®-M3 core with additional security features to help to protect against advanced forms of attacks.

The ST33Jxxx provides high performance thanks to a fast SC300 processor, crypto-accelerators and improved Flash memory operations.

Cadenced at 60 MHz, the SC300™ core brings great performance and excellent code density thanks to the Thumb®-2 instruction set.

Strong and multiple fault protection mechanisms ensure a guaranteed high-detection coverage that facilitates the development of highly secure software. This is achieved by using two CPUs in locked-step mode, error codes in sensitive memories and hardware logic.

The ST33Jxxx offers a serial communication interface fully compatible with the ISO/IEC 7816-3 standard (T=0, T=1) and a single-wire protocol (SWP) interface for communication with a near field communication (NFC) router in Secure Element (SE) applications. The device also includes an SPI Master/Slave interface as well as two I2C Master/Slave interfaces for communication in non-SIM applications: SPI Slave up to 26 MHz, SPI Master up to 13 MHz, I2C Slave High-speed mode up to 2.4 Mbit/s, I2C Master Fast-mode plus up to 1 Mbit/s. Up to four of these interfaces can run independently.

Three general-purpose 16-bit timers as well as a watchdog timer are available.

One permanent timer (PMT) with a count capability up to 8 days in low-power mode is available.

The ST33Jxxx features hardware accelerators for advanced cryptographic functions. The EDES peripheral provides a secure DES (Data Encryption Standard) algorithm implementation, while the NESCRYPT crypto-processor efficiently supports the public key algorithm. The AES peripheral ensures secure and fast AES algorithm implementation.

The ST33Jxxx operates in the –25 to +85 °C temperature range and 1.8 V, 3 V and 5 V supply voltage ranges. A comprehensive range of power-saving modes enables the design of efficient low-power applications such as Hibernate mode down to 1 μA for embedded solutions and Standby mode for SIM or embedded applications.

In terms of application, ST offers optional software packages: NesLib public key cryptographic library and MIFARE4Mobile® v2.1.1 with MIFARE® Classic, DESFire® EV1.

In order to meet environmental requirements, ST offers this device in different grades of ECOPACK® packages, depending on their level of environmental compliance. ECOPACK® specifications, grade definitions and product status are available at: ECOPACK® is an ST trademark.

  • All features

    • Hardware features
      • ARM® SecurCore® SC300™ 32-bit RISC core cadenced at 60 MHz
      • Up to 2048 Kbytes of User Flash memory
      • 50 Kbytes of User RAM
      • External interfaces
        • ISO/IEC 7816-3 T=0 and T=1 protocols (Slave and Master modes)
        • Single Wire Protocol (SWP) slave interface (ETSI 102-613 compliant)
        • Master/slave serial peripheral interface (SPI)
        • Two Master/Slave I2C interfaces
      • Three 16-bit timers with interrupt capability
      • Watchdog timer
      • Eight multiplexed general-purpose I/Os
      • 1.8 V, 3 V and 5 V supply voltage ranges
      • External clock frequency from 1 up to 15 MHz
      • Current consumption compatible with GSM and ETSI specifications
      • Power-saving standby and hibernate states
      • Contact assignment compatible with ISO/IEC 7816-2
      • ESD protection greater than 4 kV (HBM) and up to 1 kV (CDM)
      • Delivery forms:
        • D18 micromodule
        • ECOPACK®-compliant WLCSP12 and QFN20 packages
        • Sawn/unsawn 12” wafers
    • Security features
      • Platform and Flash loader security certification target according to CC EAL6+ / EMVCo
      • Hardware security-enhanced DES accelerator
      • Hardware security-enhanced AES accelerator
      • MIFARE® Classic cryptography hardware accelerator
      • NESCRYPT coprocessor for public key cryptography algorithm
      • 16- and 32-bit CRC calculation block (ISO 13239, IEEE 802.3, etc.)
      • Active shield
      • Memory management unit
      • Highly efficient protection against faults
      • True random number generator
      • Permanent timer
    • Software features
      • Secure Flash loader with high-speed downloading and post-delivery loading ability
      • Optional NesLib public cryptographic library
      • Optional MIFARE4Mobile® v2.1.1 with MIFARE® Classic, DESFire® EV1

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