Consumer edge AI Solutions

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Edge AI solutions in personal electronic devices and accessories are changing the way users interact with devices, creating new use cases that were previously impossible. Find out more and explore over 30 use cases.

    Artificial intelligence embedded in consumer and personal electronic devices enables:
  • personalized experiences
  • more power efficiency
  • better security
  • new innovative features

Making devices more efficient and intuitive

Thanks to local data processing, edge AI solutions based on microcontrollers, microprocessors and smart sensors reduce latency and improve response time.

Edge AI in consumer devices, such as fitness trackers, is used for gesture recognition, activity recognition, motion tracking, and more.

    This allows devices to:
  • provide personalized health insights
  • improve the accuracy of data
    By detecting human presence (human activity recognition, or HAR), edge AI solutions in smart thermostats, lights, security cameras, or virtual assistants, can be used to:
  • provide personalized experiences according to daily routines
  • enable energy savings by turning off lights and appliances when they are not in use.