Design Win

Sensor node with IO-Link device stack for predictive maintenance and condition monitoring

Solution Description

The solution SL-BFA001V2B is based on compact, all-in-one, smart industrial sensor node reference design for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance applications and a dedicated firmware that contains advanced digital signal processing like programmable FFT for vibration analysis in the frequency domain.

The solution combines some of ST’s latest generation MEMS sensors such as the wide bandwidth IIS3DWB digital vibration sensor with the powerful digital signal processing capabilities of the STM32F469 microcontroller on a single node, that can be attached, at appropriate locations, to monitored industrial equipment. The available firmware, associated to the MCU, allows the immediate transformation of raw sensor data into valuable analytical data, on which condition monitoring and predictive maintenance platform applications can operate, like time domain analysis (RMS and acceleration peak) and frequency analysis, like programmable FFT.

The SL-BFA001V2B represents a fully featured turn-key solution also featuring an IO-Link protocol stack for data transmission via the L6362A PHY transceiver.

The node is indeed a fully compliant IO-Link network device complete with L6362A transceiver, device description file and IO-Link protocol stack through which the STM32F4 series MCU manages and negotiate node and transmission parameters according to the  industrial communication standard.


  • Key Product Benefits

    STM32F469AI high perfromance MCU

    The STM32F4 series Cortex-M-based microcontroller, with FPU, high performance NVM and accelerator technology is chosen for its digital signal processing capabilities and high clock speeds to manage the very high data rates arriving from the vibration and environmental sensors.

    IIS3DWB digital vibration sensor

    This 3-axis digital vibration sensor is particularly suitable for vibration monitoring in industrial applications due to its very wide bandwidth, with low noise and highly stable output, and repeatable sensitivity, as well its extended temperature range.

    IMP34DT05 digital microphone

    This is a highly compact, low-power, omnidirectional, low-distortion digital microphone, featuring 64 dB signal-to-noise ratio and 6 dBFS ±3 dB sensitivity in an EMI-shielded package guaranteed to operate over an extended temperature range.


    LPS22HB and HTS221 environmental sensors

    The LPSSHB digital pressure and HTS221 relative humidity and temperature sensors complete the data requirements for a comprehensive condition monitoring scenario

    L6362A IO-Link transceiver

    IO-Link PHY Device transceiver ensures bi-direction half duplex IO-Link communication in all possible communication modes granted by the standard (COM1, COM2 and COM3).

  • All Features

    • Full suite of smart, low power industrial grade sensors, the solution works with a dedicated FW dedicated to high end digital signal processing like FFT and it features:
    • Dedicated components for industrial use cases and digital signal processing:
      • Two sensors covering extremely wide vibration frequency spectrum  with very high sampling rates
      • Two environmental sensors providing accurate real time humidity, pressure and temperature data.
    • High performance microcontroller with digital signal processing capabilities able to transform raw data into analytical data on the fly
    • Digital signal processing algorithms like:
      • advanced frequency domain signal processing with programmable FFT size, overlapping and averaging, windowing         
      • advanced time domain signal processing for speed RMS, acceleration max peak computation
    • IO-Link standard device compliance ensures manufacturer and fieldbus independence allowing immediate compatibility with any PLC or IO-Link Master hub.