Pressure Sensors

ST’s tiny silicon pressure sensors use innovative MEMS technology to ensure extremely high-pressure resolution in ultra-compact and thin packages. The devices implement proprietary technology for the fabrication of pressure sensors on monolithic silicon chips, which eliminates wafer-to-wafer bonding and maximizes reliability.


What makes ST pressure sensors unique?

Innovative MEMS technology

ST pressure sensors are designed using ST’s VENSENS MEMS technology, which enables fabrication of a suspended membrane on the sensing element. It helps achieve highly accurate pressure measurements in an ultra-compact design with high reliability.

Advanced package

ST’s unique fully molded package ensures high robustness to degradation caused by external mechanical and thermal stress, rendering our pressure sensors ideal for use in harsh environments.

ST’s MEMS pressure sensors applications

ST pressure sensors find applications in many fields, including personal electronics, wearables, industrial, and automotive applications. They enable accurate floor detection, enhanced location-based services, precise dead-reckoning calculations, advanced weather monitoring, and accurate water-depth sensing.
Customers can choose from the barometer or waterproof pressure sensor families, depending on the targeted application and external conditions

Pressure sensors for smartphones and personal electronics
  • Activity recognition
  • Indoor/outdoor vertical positioning
  • Water depth monitoring
  • GNSS applications
Pressure sensors for industrial applications
  • Asset tracking
  • Take-off and landing recognition
  • Leakage detection
  • Weather station
Pressure sensors for IoT for smart home and city
  • Smart filters
  • Floor-type, dust bag content level
  • Water level management

Discover MEMS pressure sensors portfolio

Digital barometer

Unique fully molded package providing high robustness to degradation by external mechanical and thermal stress

Waterproof pressure sensor

Designed in a cylindrical O-ring package featuring potting gel element that protects the electrical components from water

Key features & benefits of MEMS pressure sensors

  • High accuracy and low power consumption
  • Thin, ultra-compact, fully molded packages
  • Robust packages with cylindrical metal lid and potting gel to resist harsh conditions
  • Embedded temperature compensation
  • Absolute pressure range from 260 to 1260 hPa / 4060hPa
  • Low-pressure noise
  • Stability and performance in vertical positions

Developer resources

We offer a range of development tools and resources to help developers implement digital barometers in their design, including evaluation boards, embedded software, and drivers. Check tools & software to find out more.

LPS22DF, ST’s first pressure sensor to receive the NextNav Certification thanks to unique capabilities