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Multiple Motor Smart Control Solution

Solution Description

This solution describes a smart way to control multiple DC motors in applications with short-time duty cycles. A flexible and low-cost solution that allows several different configurations, it also offers advanced diagnostics for increased motor reliability and longevity.

This solution consists of a general-purpose SPC56 B line automotive microcontroller that provides the logic for monitoring and driving our L99UDL01 actuator control IC. With six integrated half-bridges featuring programmable pulse width modulation (PWM) current regulation, the L99UDL01 is able to drive several motors as well as two external high-power half-bridges.

Thanks to its integrated control loop, the system guarantees an accurate current regulation, so in critical phases like inrush and stall (when usually high currents are required), the current flow can be managed reducing motor stress and noise, ensuring a longer motor lifetime.

This cost-effective solution can also be easily adapted for several configurations: the six half-bridges can be connected in many ways for driving different motors by parallelizing 3 outputs, even ones requiring higher currents up to 12 A.

With built-in protection for external power devices, this solution targets industrial applications using multiple brushed DC motors that require adjustable speed and constant or low-speed torque such as vending machines and coffee makers to toys and other items. Developers will appreciate the L99UDL01's flexibility that lets them connect their choice of N-channel MOSFETs or Smart Power devices to control additional high-powered loads.

In addition to industrial applications, this solution is also ideal for automotive applications where short-time, intermittent duty cycles are required. Developed originally for universal door locks and internally-commutated motors running from a DC power source, our solution makes it easy to drive motors used in low-voltage applications for trunk lock and door control.

  • Key Product Benefits

    L99UDL01 actuator control IC

    Designed originally as a universal door lock IC, the L99UDL01 can drive several motors independently. Entirely commanded by SPI using duration and current level commands, it offers a high level of programmability, many protection features, and advanced diagnostics. The L99UDL01 also includes an Emergency Mode which provides the most reliable way to ensure Emergency Responders’ access to the vehicle in case of an accident.

    SPC560B54L3 32-bit Power Architecture MCU

    Addressing the specific needs of convenience and body control modules, the SPC560B54L3 operates at speeds of up to 64 MHz and offers high-performance processing optimized for low power consumption. In addition to two input operating voltage ranges (3.3V supply: 6 to 18 V; 5V supply: 6 to 26 V), it features advanced light control and diagnostics with exhaustive debugging capabilities.

  • All Features

    • Smart way to control multiple DC motors in applications with short-time duty cycles
    • Flexible and low-cost solution that allows several different configurations
    • Advanced diagnostics for increased motor reliability and longevity